From Management Desk

Our ASIAN INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL located in the state Highway and 18 km distance of big Town of Chengalpattu and Kanchipuram and 40 Km distance from Chennai Airport. 5.04 Acres of land with compound and sufficient building as per Government guidelines. Palur River water is supported the school with water cooler. Playground is around 2 Acre of land allotted. More than 100 villages available within 20 km from the school. Good ventilation available in and around the building. Classrooms are furnished with modern table. Smart classroom also established. All laboratories are fully equipped with sufficient equipment’s. We have library to gain knowledge, skills & disposition after learning and Personal development, that they will use throughout their life. . Computer lab is equipped with full setup. Principal and all staffs are qualified and experienced. So we give the good quality of education to the rural students. Other activities such as sports (indoor and outdoor games) Karate, Yoga, Meditation are taught in the school. Students are taken tour to various educational centers like Birla planetarium, and Amusement park like Queensland, Chennai. Special care is taken for slow learners in the school. Good discipline, punctuality, dress code is implemented. Proper uniform with shoes and ties are mandatory. NCERT & Good quality books recommended by CBSE are provided to students. Safe Drinking water, Fire safety, Sanitary Aspects. Form-D for building, Approval from DTCP obtained all are taken care in the school. Sports Day, seminar, Tour aspects are taken care in the school. We conduct Parents meet for every 3 months to discuss about the student’s performance and future development of the school seeking parents support for the children’s day to day activities. Different types of cultural activities are being conducted, which includes music, dance, Drama, etc. and scholastic activities like seminar, debate & Group discussion are also being conducted. Educational Expert &celebrities are invited to the school for various functions as chief guest to share their experience & Knowledge to the students.

Asian International Residential School